Welcome to the World of Benjamin Mfg.
Our manufacturing company was established in 1967 with an eye towards the future. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products, and the knowledge that we have brought a number of innovations to the industries we serve.
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Over the years, the Benjamin Manufacturing Company has been awarded numerous product design patents in and out of both the plumbing industry and building trades. Today one of the most widely used and recognized products from the Benjamin Mfg. Co. is the foam-pad plastic tub protector that began as a simple tub liner in 1967.

A privately held Corporation by William Benjamin has grown from its modest beginnings to a national company with sales in the millions and over 50 employees working within the the company's two locations.

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World's Largest Manufacturer
of Bath & Shower Protectors.

Bathtub Protectors

If you have a tub or shower
base, we have you covered.

ACKRALAC® is the trade name given by Bill Benjamin to the material he helped create and develop in the early 1970's. By joining two compatible materials together through a co-extrusion process, we end up with a solid piece of material that has a durable sub-structure base and a brilliant gloss polymer top.

The Ackralac® material can never separate the way a fiberglass gel-coat or acrylic product can. Products made from Ackralac® will be lighter and easier to handle than those made of enameled cast iron, porcelain steel, glazed china and many other materials.

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